Travel from Zaporizhia to Kharkiv

Train, bus or fly from Zaporizhia to Kharkiv?

Ukrainian Railways (UZ) operates a train from Zaporizhia to Kharkiv 5 times a day. Tickets cost $3 - $9 and the journey takes 4 h 56 min. Alternatively, Ecolines operates a bus from Zaporizhia to Kharkiv once daily. Tickets cost $4 - $7 and the journey takes 1 h 7 min. 2 other operators also service this route.

How to get from Zaporizhia to Kharkiv

From Saporosche 1 train to Harkov Pass.4 h 56 min179 ₴
From Zaporyzhia bus to Dnipro then bus to Kharkiv.6 h 47 min325 ₴
From Zaporizhia taxi to Kharkiv.3 h 34 min1 946 ₴
From Zaporizhia drive to Kharkiv.3 h 34 min843 ₴
From Zaporizhia taxi to Zaporizhia airport, fly to Kharkiv airport, then line 115 bus to Kharkiv.5 h 2 min4 430 ₴