Travel from Zadar to Poreč

Bus from Zadar to Poreč

Velebit Tours operates a bus from Zadar to Poreč 3 times a day, and the journey takes 3 h 35 min. 3 other operators also service this route.

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How to get from Zadar to Poreč

From Zadar bus to Rijeka then bus to Porec. 5 h 58 min 417 kn. From Zadar bus to Gospic, bus to Rijeka, walk to Rijeka, then bus to Poreč. 6 h 59 min. From Zadar Catamaran to Pula, walk to Pula, then bus to Poreč. 8 h 28 min 197 kn. From Zadar bus to Bale then bus to Poreč. 9 h 38 min 251 kn. From Zadar drive to Zigljen, car ferry to Prizna, then drive to Poreč. 4 h 47 min 269 kn. From Zadar station bus to Zadar airport, fly to Pula airport, shuttle to Pula, then shuttle to Poreč. 4 h 4 min 893 kn.