Travel from Vienna to Subotica

Bus or train from Vienna to Subotica?

Austrian Railways (ÖBB) operates a train from Vienna to Subotica twice daily. Tickets cost $45 - $75 and the journey takes 6 h 41 min. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Vienna to Subotica via Szeged in around 7 h 50 min.

How to get from Vienna to Subotica

From Wien Hbf train to Subotica. 6 h 41 min 50€. From Wien bus to Szeged then bus to Subotica. 7 h 50 min 25€. From Wien Hbf (Busbahnhof Wiedner Gürtel) bus to Bratislava then bus to Subotica. 8 h 51 min 50€. From Vienna drive to Subotica. 4 h 9 min 50€. From Wien Mitte-Landstraße (CAT) train to Vienna airport, fly to Budapest airport, bus to Ferihegy, then train to Subotica. 6 h 49 min 135€. From Vienna Door to door Shuttle to Subotica. 4 h 28 min 35€.