Travel from Varanasi to Kochi

Train or fly from Varanasi to Kochi?

IndiGo Airlines, Air India Limited and 3 other airlines fly from Varanasi to Kochi hourly. Alternatively, Indian Railways operates a train from Varanasi to Kochi twice a week. Tickets cost $45 - $60 and the journey takes 2 days 2 h.

How to get from Varanasi to Kochi

From Varanasi taxi to Varanasi airport, fly to Kochi airport, then taxi to Kochi. 5 h 56 min $161. From Varanasi taxi to Varanasi airport, fly to Coimbatore airport, taxi to Coimbatore Junction (CBE), then train to Kochi. 11 h 5 min $205. From Varanasi Junction (BSB) train to Eranakulam Junction (ERS). 2 days 2 h $54. From Varanasi taxi to Mirzāpur, bus to Udaipur, bus to Ahmedabad, bus to Pune, bus to Bangalore, bus to Ernakulam, then taxi to Kochi. 2 days 18 h $94. From Varanasi drive to Kochi. 31 h 43 min $289.