Travel from Tokyo to Shikoku

Train, bus or fly from Tokyo to Shikoku?

All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines fly from Tokyo to Kōchi-shi hourly. Alternatively, you can take a train from Tokyo to Kōchi-shi via Okayama in around 6 h 39 min.

How to get from Tokyo to Shikoku

From Tokyo train to Hamamatsucho, Monorail to Tokyo Haneda airport, fly to Kochi airport, then taxi to Kōchi-shi. 3 h 11 min $206. From Tokyo train to Okayama then train to Kochi(Kochi). 6 h 39 min $200. From Tokyo bus to Harimayabashi. 11 h 42 min $122. From Tokyo Station Yaesu night bus to Okayama then bus to Hayamaribashi. 12 h 38 min $88. From Tokyo drive to Kōchi-shi. 9 h 7 min $103.