Travel from Tavira to Málaga

Bus from Tavira to Málaga

InterNorte operates a bus from Tavira to Málaga twice daily. Tickets cost $50 - $75 and the journey takes 6 h 2 min. ALSA also services this route once daily.

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How to get from Tavira to Málaga

From Tavira bus to Huelva, walk to Huelva-Termino, train to Cordoba Central, then train to Malaga. 5 h 53 min £78. From Tavira bus to Málaga. 6 h 2 min £41. From Tavira, Tavira bus to Inca Garcilaso - Puerta Triana, bus to Seville, then bus to Málaga. 8 h 3 min £35. From Tavira drive to Málaga. 3 h 50 min £47.

Operators from Tavira to Málaga

InterNorte707 200 512InterNorte
Spanish Railways (RENFE)902 320 320Spanish Railways (RENFE)
FlixBus+49 1807 123 99 123FlixBus
Sevilla (TUSSAM)+34 (0) 955 010 010Sevilla (TUSSAM)
Autocares Grupo Samar+34 (0) 91 723 05 06Autocares Grupo Samar