Travel from Stockholm to Luleå

Train, bus or fly from Stockholm to Luleå?

Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle fly from Stockholm to Luleå hourly. Alternatively, you can take a train from Stockholm to Luleå via Umeaa Central in around 12 h 22 min.

How to get from Stockholm to Luleå

From Stockholm Central train to Stockholm airport, fly to Lulea airport, then line 4 bus to Luleå.3 h 11 min$111
From Stockholm Central train to Umeaa Central then train to Luleaa Central.12 h 22 min$166
From Stockholm Cityterminalen bus to Umeå Universitetssjukhuset then bus to Luleå busstation.14 h 55 min$108
From Stockholm Central night train to Luleaa Central.13 h 12 min$167
From Stockholm Cityterminalen night bus to Piteå busstation then bus to Luleå Norra Hamnen.13 h 22 min$97
From Stockholm drive to Luleå.9 h 56 min$155

How long does it take to get from Stockholm to Luleå?

It takes approximately 3 h 11 min to get from Stockholm to Luleå, including transfers.

Is there a direct train between Stockholm and Luleå?

Yes, there is an overnight train departing from Stockholm Central and arriving at Luleaa Central. This train operates every day. The journey takes approximately 13 h 12 min.

Is there a direct bus between Stockholm and Luleå?

No, there is no direct bus from Stockholm to Luleå. However, there are services departing from Stockholm Cityterminalen and arriving at Luleå busstation via Umeå Universitetssjukhuset. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 14 h 55 min.

Operators from Stockholm to Luleå

Swedish Railways (SJ)Swedish Railways (SJ)
Scandinavian AirlinesScandinavian Airlines
Norwegian Air ShuttleNorwegian Air Shuttle
Luleå LokaltrafikLuleå Lokaltrafik
Y-buss+46 77 133 44 44Y-buss
Tapanis BussTapanis Buss