Travel from Sofia to İzmir

Bus or fly from Sofia to İzmir?

Metro Plus operates a bus from Sofia to İzmir twice daily. Tickets cost $40 - $85 and the journey takes 13 h 30 min. Pamukkale also services this route hourly. Alternatively, Turkish Airlines, Bulgaria Air and 2 other airlines fly from Sofia to İzmir hourly.

How to get from Sofia to İzmir

From Sofia bus to Edirne, bus to Aliaga, walk to Aliağa, then train to Alsancak. 16 h 40 min 171 ₺. From Sofia bus to Bursa Otogar, bus to Izmir Otogar, then taxi to İzmir. 18 h 15 min 296 ₺. From Sofia train to Plovdiv, bus to Edirne, bus to Lapseki, bus to Bandırma, walk to Bandırma Şehir, then train to Basmane. 21 h 29 min 169 ₺. From Sofia bus to Istanbul, bus to Akhisar, then train to Basmane. 22 h 20 min 230 ₺. From Sofia drive to İzmir. 10 h 47 min 613 ₺. From Tzarigradsko shose Blvd. line 84 bus to Sofia airport, fly to Izmir airport, then train to İzmir. 7 h 20 min 807 ₺.

Operators from Sofia to İzmir