Travel from Poznań to Bratislava

Bus or train from Poznań to Bratislava?

You can take a train from Poznań to Bratislava via Wroclaw Glowny, Usti nad Orlici, and Ceska Trebova in around 10 h 47 min. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Poznań to Bratislava via Praha, ÚAN Florenc in around 13 h 15 min.

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How to get from Poznań to Bratislava

From Poznan Gl. train to Wroclaw Glowny, train to Usti nad Orlici, train to Ceska Trebova, then train to Bratislava h 47 min616 Kč
From Poznan Gl. train to Wroclaw Glowny, walk to Wrocław, Wrocław DA, bus to Wien Erdberg (VIB), then bus to Bratislava Most SNP (terminál).12 h 7 min1 842 Kč
From Poznań Główny bus to Praha, ÚAN Florenc then bus to Bratislava, Autobusová stanica Nivy.13 h 15 min997 Kč
From Poznań drive to Bratislava.7 h 20 min2 286 Kč
From Rondo Kaponiera line 59 bus to Poznan airport, fly to Vienna airport, then bus to Bratislava.6 h 26 min3 507 Kč