Travel from Portland to Bozeman

Flights from Portland to Bozeman

Alaska Airlines, Inc. and Delta fly from Portland to Bozeman every 2 hours.

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Need to know: GreyhoundRome2rio’s guide on the bus operator has all the information you need

How to get from Portland to Bozeman

From Skidmore Fountain station tram to Portland airport, fly to Bozeman airport, then taxi to Bozeman.3 h 32 min$277
From Portland, OR bus to Salt Lake Central Station, line 200 bus to Salt Lake City, UT, bus to Yellowstone, MT, drive to Gardiner, then bus to Bozeman.27 h 18 min$296
From Portland drive to Bozeman.11 h 52 min$89

How long does it take to get from Portland to Bozeman?

It takes approximately 3 h 32 min to get from Portland to Bozeman, including transfers.

Operators from Portland to Bozeman

Portland TriMet+1 503-238-7433Portland TriMet
Alaska Airlines, Inc.Alaska Airlines, Inc.
Greyhound USA+1 214-849-8100Greyhound USA
Utah Transit AuthorityUtah Transit Authority
Bundu BusBundu Bus
Karst Stage(406) 556-3540Karst Stage