Travel from Piraeus to Zakynthos

Flights from Piraeus to Zakynthos

Sky Express and Olympic Air fly from Piraeus to Zakynthos twice daily.

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How to get from Piraeus to Zakynthos

From Αφετηρια line 420 bus to Athens, bus to Patras, then bus and ferry to Zakynthos.7 h 18 min37€
From Στ.Πειραια subway to Nerantziotissa, train to Kiato, train to Patras, then bus and ferry to Zakynthos.8 h 36 min31€
From Piraeus drive to Killini, Greece then car ferry to Zakynthos.4 h 21 min50€
From Στ.Πειραια subway to Στ.Μοναστηρακι, subway to Athens airport, fly to Zakinthos airport, then taxi to Zakynthos.3 h 17 min111€

How long does it take to get from Piraeus to Zakynthos?

It takes approximately 7 hours 18 minutes to get from Piraeus to Zakynthos, including transfers.

Is there a direct bus between Piraeus and Zakynthos?

No, there is no direct bus from Piraeus to Zakynthos. However, there are services departing from Αφετηρια and arriving at Zakynthos via Athens and Patras. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 7 hours 18 minutes.

Operators from Piraeus to Zakynthos

KTEL Achaias2610 623 888KTEL Achaias
KTEL Zakythos302695022255KTEL Zakythos
Greek Railways (OSE)Greek Railways (OSE)
Ionian Group00302695025403Ionian Group
Sky Express Sky Express
Olympic AirOlympic Air