Travel from Ohrid to Athens-Greece

Bus from Ohrid to Athens

You can take a bus from Ohrid to Athens via Tiranë in around 16 h 29 min.

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How to get from Ohrid to Athens

From Ohrid drive to Kastoria airport, fly to Athens airport, then subway to Athens.4 h 9 min$119
From Ohrid shuttle to Tirana, Airport Bus to Tirana airport, fly to Athens airport, then subway to Athens.7 h 52 min$117
From Ohrid drive to Florina, train to Platy, then train to Athens.9 h 29 min$66
From Ohrid bus to Skopje, train to Thessaloniki, then train to Athens.14 h 47 min$72
From Ohrid bus to Gradsko, train to Gevgelija, then bus to Athens.15 h 31 min$69
From Ohrid bus to Tiranë then bus to Athens.16 h 29 min$62
From Ohrid drive to Athens.7 h 26 min$125

How long does it take to get from Ohrid to Athens?

It takes approximately 4 h 9 min to get from Ohrid to Athens, including transfers.

Is there a direct bus between Ohrid and Athens?

No, there is no direct bus from Ohrid to Athens. However, there are services departing from Ohrid and arriving at Athens via Tiranë. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 16 h 29 min.

Operators from Ohrid to Athens

Astra AirlinesAstra Airlines
Euro Linia+389 46 787 467Euro Linia
Tirana International Airport+355 52 22 55 39Tirana International Airport
Aegean AirlinesAegean Airlines
Greek Railways (OSE)Greek Railways (OSE)
AD Galeb Ohrid(389) 46 251-882AD Galeb Ohrid
Avto Atom033/273-551Avto Atom
Macedonian Railways (MZ)+389 (2) 3 164 255Macedonian Railways (MZ)
Siamos Tours0030 2108219900Siamos Tours
Albtrans sh.p.k+355 4 2239 203Albtrans sh.p.k