Travel from Odessa to Thessaloniki

Bus or fly from Odessa to Thessaloniki?

Ukraine International Airlines, Turkish Airlines and 5 other airlines fly from Odessa to Thessaloniki 4 times a day. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Odessa to Thessaloniki via Katerini Olympus Plaza and Katerini in around 18 h 58 min.

How to get from Odessa to Thessaloniki

From Bohdana Hmelnytskogo St line 14 Trolleybus to Odesa airport, fly to Thessaloniki airport, then bus to Thessaloniki. 10 h 20 min $189. From Odessa bus to Katerini Olympus Plaza, taxi to Katerini, then bus to Thessaloniki. 18 h 58 min $139. From Odessa bus to Sofia, walk to Sofija, then train to Thessaloniki. 28 h 14 min $96. From Odessa Gl. train to Izmail, drive to Tulcea Oras, train to Gara Bucureşti Nord, night train to Ruse, train to Sofija, then train to Thessaloniki. 35 h 16 min $111. From Odessa, Pryvoz bus to Galaţi then bus to Thessaloniki. 32 h 15 min $100. From Odessa drive to Thessaloniki. 15 h 53 min $225.