Travel from Odessa to Kharkiv

Train, bus or fly from Odessa to Kharkiv?

Ukraine International Airlines and Turkish Airlines fly from Odessa to Kharkiv 3 times a day. Alternatively, Odessa bus station operates a bus from Odessa to Kharkiv twice daily. Tickets cost $12 and the journey takes 9 h 20 min. Ukraine buses also services this route every 30 minutes.

How to get from Odessa to Kharkiv

From Bohdana Hmelnytskogo St line 14 Trolleybus to Odesa airport, fly to Kharkiv airport, then line 115 bus to Kharkiv. 5 h 40 min $76. From Odessa bus to Dnepropetrovsk, walk to Dnipro, then bus to Kharkiv. 15 h 9 min $17. From Odessa Gl. train to Harkov Pass. 17 h 9 min $8. From Odessa bus to Belgorod then bus to Kharkiv. 23 h 7 min $56. From Odessa Gl. night train to Pivdennyi Vokzal then line 1 Metro to Prospekt Haharina. 14 h 41 min $9. From Odessa taxi to Kharkiv. 8 h 50 min $140. From Odessa drive to Kharkiv. 8 h 50 min $68.

Operators from Odessa to Kharkiv