Travel from Odessa to Budapest

Train, bus or fly from Odessa to Budapest?

Austrian Airlines, CSA and 3 other airlines fly from Odessa to Budapest 5 times a day. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Odessa to Budapest via Bucharest, Bucharest, and Népliget M in around 21 h 42 min.

How to get from Odessa to Budapest

From Bohdana Hmelnytskogo St line 14 Trolleybus to Odesa airport, fly to Budapest airport, then bus to Budapest. 6 h 55 min $79. From Odessa Privoz bus to Bucharest, walk to Bucharest, bus to Népliget M, then bus to Deák Ferenc tér M. 21 h 42 min $101. From Odessa Gl. train to Chop then train to Budapest-Nyugati. 24 h 47 min $30. From Odessa Gl. train to Chop, train to Zahony, train to Nyiregyhaza, then train to Budapest-Nyugati. 25 h 4 min $35. From Odessa, Pryvoz bus to Galaţi, bus to Budapest Puskás Ferenc Stadion, then subway to Budapest Batthyány tér. 26 h 52 min. From Odessa drive to Budapest. 15 h 53 min $157.

Operators from Odessa to Budapest