Travel options for:
Nearby airports Taj Mahal

Delhi (DEL)  •  3 h 13 min

$5 - $18

Jaipur (JAI)  •  5 h 11 min

$6 - $18

Lucknow (LKO)  •  7 h 48 min

$5 - $16

Agra (AGR)  •  13 min

$3 - $4

Dehra Dun (DED)  •  11 h 9 min

$19 - $31

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Travel from Nearby-Airports to Taj-Mahal

Train from Nearby airports to Taj Mahal

Indian Railways operates a train from Delhi (DEL) to Taj Mahal hourly. Tickets cost $3 - $14 and the journey takes 1 h 57 min.

How to get from Nearby airports to Taj Mahal

From Indira Gandhi International Airport Metro to New Delhi, walk to New Delhi (NDLS), train to Agra Cantt (AGC), then taxi to Taj Mahal.3 h 13 min₹1,162
From Jaipur Airport bus to Gandhi Nagar Station, walk to Gandhinagar Jpr (GADJ), train to Idgah Agra Junction (IDH), then taxi to Taj Mahal.5 h 11 min₹1,121
From Transport Nagar subway to Durgapuri, walk to Lucknowjn (LJN), train to Yamuna Bdg Agra (JAB), then walk to Taj Mahal.7 h 48 min₹1,058
From Agra (AGR) taxi to Taj Mahal.13 min₹260
From Dehra Dun (DED) taxi to Dehradun (DDN), train to Raja Ki Mandi (RKM), then taxi to Taj Mahal.11 h 9 min₹2,149

How long does it take to get from Nearby airports to Taj Mahal?

It takes approximately 3 h 13 min to get from Nearby airports to Taj Mahal, including transfers.

Operators from Nearby airports to Taj Mahal

Delhi Metro155370Delhi Metro
Indian RailwaysIndian Railways
Jaipur Bus0141-2744776Jaipur Bus