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Nearby airports Sandefjord

Oslo Sandefjord (TRF)  •  49 min

$7 - $11

Oslo (OSL)  •  2 h 3 min

$22 - $35

Gothenburg (GOT)  •  7 h 37 min

  1. ×2

Kristiansand (KRS)  •  4 h 52 min

  1. ×2

$40 - $62

Aalborg (AAL)  •  7 h 24 min

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Travel from Nearby-Airports to Sandefjord

Train from Nearby airports to Sandefjord

Norwegian Railways (NSB) operates a train from Oslo (OSL) to Sandefjord hourly. Tickets cost $22 - $35 and the journey takes 2 h 3 min.

How to get from Nearby airports to Sandefjord

From Sandefjord lufthavn Torp line 175 bus to Torp stasjon, walk to Torp stasjon, then train to Sandefjord stasjon.49 minkr 72
From Oslo Lufthavn stasjon train to Sandefjord stasjon.2 h 3 minkr 224
From Landvetter Airport bus to Göteborg Nils Ericsonterminal, walk to Göteborg Centralstation, train to Oslo S, then train to Sandefjord stasjon.7 h 37 min
From Kjevik lufthavn line 35 bus to Håneskrysset, walk to Håneskrysset E18, bus to Skjelsvik terminal, bus to Porsgrunn terminal, walk to Porsgrunn stasjon, then train to Sandefjord stasjon.4 h 52 minkr 441
From Aalborg Lufthavn line 12 bus to Lindholm Station, walk to Lindholm St., train to Hjørring St., taxi to Hirtshals Færgeterminal, ferry to Larvik Revet terminal, walk to Larvik stasjon, then train to Sandefjord stasjon.7 h 24 min

How long does it take to get from Nearby airports to Sandefjord?

It takes approximately 49 min to get from Nearby airports to Sandefjord, including transfers.

Is there a direct train between Nearby airports and Sandefjord?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from Oslo Lufthavn stasjon and arriving at Sandefjord stasjon. Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 2 h 3 min.

Operators from Nearby airports to Sandefjord

Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk AS33 30 01 00Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk AS
Norwegian Railways (NSB)61 05 19 10Norwegian Railways (NSB)
Flygbussarna+46 77 151 52 52Flygbussarna
Nsb+47 61 05 19 10Nsb
Agder Kollektivtrafikk as815 00 194Agder Kollektivtrafikk as
Nettbuss Travel AS05070Nettbuss Travel AS
North Jutland Transport Company98 11 11 11North Jutland Transport Company
Color Line AS+45 99 56 19 00Color Line AS