Travel options for:
Nearby airports Louisville

Louisville (SDF)  •  28 min

$1 - $3

Covington (CVG)  •  4 h 52 min

  1. ×2

$38 - $67

Nashville (BNA)  •  4 h 45 min

$25 - $36

Indianapolis (IND)  •  4 h 21 min

$22 - $36

Lexington (LEX)  •  1 h 31 min

$49 - $61

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Travel from Nearby-Airports to Louisville

Bus from Nearby airports to Louisville

Transit Authority of River City operates a bus from Louisville (SDF) to Louisville hourly. Tickets cost $1 - $3 and the journey takes 28 min.

How to get from Nearby airports to Louisville

From Louisville International Airport line 02 bus to S 5th @ W Muhammad Ali.28 min$2
From CVG Airport Terminal 3 - Out bus to Main at 5th Covington - Out, walk to Fourth at Russell - In, line 25 bus to E 5th at Main Cincinnati - Out, walk to Cincinnati, Oh, bus to Lexington, Ky, walk to Lexington, KY, then bus to Louisville, KY.4 h 52 min$58
From Nashville International Airport line 18 bus to Music City Central 4Th - Bay 13, walk to Nashville, TN, then bus to Louisville, KY.4 h 45 min$31
From Indianapolis Airport bus to Indianapolis, IN, walk to Delaware St & Market St Indianapolis, then bus to Louisville, KY.4 h 21 min$30
From Lexington (LEX) taxi to Lexington, KY then bus to Louisville, KY.1 h 31 min$60

How long does it take to get from Nearby airports to Louisville?

The line 02 bus from Louisville International Airport to S 5th @ W Muhammad Ali takes 28 min including transfers and departs hourly.

Is there a direct bus between Nearby airports and Louisville?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Louisville International Airport and arriving at S 5th @ W Muhammad Ali. Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 28 min.

Operators from Nearby airports to Louisville

Transit Authority of River CityTransit Authority of River City
TANK+1 859-331-8265TANK
Greyhound USA+1 214-849-8100/1-800-231-2222Greyhound USA
Hoosier Ride800-544-2383Hoosier Ride
WeGo Transit+1 615-862-5969WeGo Transit