Travel options for:
Nearby airports Katowice

Krakow (KRK)  •  55 min

$4 - $6

Katowice (KTW)  •  30 min

$2 - $9

Wroclaw (WRO)  •  3 h 27 min

$7 - $11

Rzeszow (RZE)  •  4 h

  1. ×2

$24 - $32

Kosice (KSC)  •  7 h 49 min

  1. ×2

$18 - $31

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Travel from Nearby-Airports to Katowice

Bus or train from Nearby airports to Katowice?

Leo Express s.r.o. operates a bus from Krakow (KRK) to Katowice 4 times a day. Tickets cost $4 - $6 and the journey takes 55 min. Alternatively, you can take a train from Rzeszow (RZE) to Katowice via Rzeszow Glowny, Krakow Glowny, and Krakow Glowny (Dworzec autobusowy Bosacka 18) in around 4 h.

How to get from Nearby airports to Katowice

From Kraków Airport bus to Katowice dw.PKS ul.Skargi.55 min4€
From Katowice Flughafen bus to Kattowitz Pl. Andrzeja.30 min5€
From Port Lotniczy line 106 bus to Dworcowa, walk to Wroclaw Glowny, then train to Katowice.3 h 27 min7€
From Rzeszow (RZE) taxi to Rzeszow Glowny, train to Krakow Glowny, walk to Krakow Glowny (Dworzec autobusowy Bosacka 18), then train to Katowice Dw autobusowy Piotra Skargi 8 peron 1.4 h25€
From Košice International Airport line 23 bus to Staničné námestie, walk to Košice, bus to Kraków, Kraków MDA, then bus to Katowice, Katowice bus station.7 h 49 min24€

How long does it take to get from Nearby airports to Katowice?

The bus from Kraków Airport to Katowice dw.PKS ul.Skargi takes 55 min including transfers and departs four times a day.

Is there a direct bus between Nearby airports and Katowice?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Kraków Airport and arriving at Katowice dw.PKS ul.Skargi. Services depart four times a day, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 55 min.

Operators from Nearby airports to Katowice

Leo Express s.r.o.+420 220 311 700Leo Express s.r.o.
Eksprestransfer+48 603 966 598Eksprestransfer
MPK AutobusyMPK Autobusy
Polish Railways (PKP)703 200 200Polish Railways (PKP)
Public transport KošicePublic transport Košice
FlixBus+49 1807 123 99 123FlixBus