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Nearby airports Jitra

Alor Setar (AOR)  •  11 min

$5 - $7

Penang (PEN)  •  3 h 11 min

$22 - $28

Hat Yai (HDY)  •  3 h 22 min

  1. ×2

$18 - $24

Langkawi (LGK)  •  1 h 58 min

$8 - $9

Krabi (KBV)  •  7 h 38 min

  1. ×2

$20 - $25

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Travel from Nearby-Airports to Jitra

How to get from Nearby airports to Jitra?

You can drive from Alor Setar (AOR) to Jitra in around 11 min.

How to get from Nearby airports to Jitra

From Alor Setar (AOR) taxi to Jitra.11 minRM 26
From Penang (PEN) taxi to Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal, car ferry to Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal, walk to Butterworth, KTM Komuter to Anak Bukit, then taxi to Jitra.3 h 11 minRM 109
From Hat Yai Airport Mini Van to Pakbara Pier, Satun then drive to Jitra.3 h 22 minRM 85
From Langkawi (LGK) drive to Langkawi, ferry to Kuala Perlis, then drive to Jitra.1 h 58 minRM 33
From Krabi Airport bus to Krabi, walk to Krabi Bus Station, bus to Satun, then drive to Jitra.7 h 38 minRM 93

How long does it take to get from Nearby airports to Jitra?

It takes approximately 11 min to drive 11.6 km from Alor Setar (AOR) to Jitra.

Operators from Nearby airports to Jitra

Rapid FerryRapid Ferry
KTM KomuterKTM Komuter
Ploy Siam Speed BoatPloy Siam Speed Boat
Langkawi Ferry LineLangkawi Ferry Line
Krabi Airport busKrabi Airport bus