Travel from Naxos-South-Aegean-Greece to Chania

Flights from Naxos to Chania

Olympic Air and Sky Express fly from Naxos to Chania twice daily.

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How to get from Naxos to Chania

From Naxos car ferry to Heraklion then taxi to Chania. 5 h 45 min 208€. From Naxos car ferry to Santorini, car ferry to Rethymno, walk to Rethymno, then bus to Chania. 6 h 51 min 132€. From Naxos car ferry to Heraklion, walk to Néa Alikarnassós, line 10 bus to Heraklion, walk to Heraklion, then bus to Chania. 8 h 34 min 93€. From Naxos taxi to Naxos Is airport, fly to Chania airport, then bus to Chania. 4 h 24 min 234€.