Travel from Nagoya to Wakayama

Train from Nagoya to Wakayama

Japan Railways Shinkansen operates a train from Nagoya to Wakayama every 20 minutes. Tickets cost $40 - $60 and the journey takes 50 min. 2 other operators also service this route.

How to get from Nagoya to Wakayama

From Nagoya train to Shin-Osaka, subway to Shinimamiya, then train to Wakayamashi. 2 h 29 min ¥6896. From Nagoya train to Shin-Osaka then train to Wakayama. 2 h 47 min ¥8225. From Nagoya train to Kyoto Station, bus to Kansai Airport, train to Izumisano, then train to Wakayamashi. 3 h 21 min ¥7981. From Kintetsunagoya train to Osaka-Namba, walk to Namba(Nankai), then train to Wakayamashi. 3 h 35 min ¥5530. From Nagoya drive to Wakayama. 2 h 30 min ¥3230.

Operators from Nagoya to Wakayama

Japan Railways ShinkansenJapan Railways Shinkansen
Osaka SubwayOsaka Subway
Nankai RailwaysNankai Railways
Japan Railways Limited ExpressJapan Railways Limited Express
OKK Airport BusOKK Airport Bus
Kintetsu Limited ExpressKintetsu Limited Express