Travel from Montenegro to Rome

Flights from Montenegro to Rome

Alitalia and Montenegro Airlines fly from Podgorica to Rome 6 times a week.

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How to get from Montenegro to Rome

From Podgorica(MNE) line 6105 train to Podgorica airport, fly to Rome airport, then train to Rome.4 h 11 min$146
From Bar drive to Shkodër, bus to Tirana, Airport Bus to Tirana airport, fly to Rome airport, then train to Rome.9 h 1 min$102
From Herceg Novi bus to Dubrovnik, walk to Dubrovnik Old City, shuttle to Dubrovnik airport, fly to Rome airport, then train to Rome.6 h 7 min$149
From Podgorica train to Bar, car ferry to Bari, walk to Bari - Corso Cavour, bus to Βari - Viale Unità ang. Largo Ciaia, walk to Bari Centrale, then train to Roma Termini.17 h 31 min
From Podgorica train to Bar, car ferry to Bari, walk to Bari - CCIAA, bus to Trani, then train to Roma Termini.20 h 18 min
From Podgorica bus to Budva Zob, bus to Dubrovnik Zob, walk to Dubrovnik, car ferry to Bari, Leonetti Bus to Tiburtina F.S., then subway to Termini.22 h 40 min$98
From Podgorica bus to Shkodër, bus to Tirana, bus to Durres Zob, then bus and ferry to Rome Tiburtina.24 h 14 min$113
From Podgorica drive to Bar, car ferry to Bari, then drive to Rome.15 h 8 min

How long does it take to get from Montenegro to Rome?

It takes approximately 4 h 11 min to get from Montenegro to Rome, including transfers.

Is there a direct bus between Montenegro and Rome?

No, there is no direct bus from Montenegro to Rome. However, there are services departing from Podgorica and arriving at Rome Tiburtina via Shkodër, Tirana and Durres Zob. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 24 h 14 min.

Operators from Montenegro to Rome

Railways of Montenegro (ŽPCG)Railways of Montenegro (ŽPCG)
Montenegro AirlinesMontenegro Airlines
Trenitalia+39 06 68475475Trenitalia
Albania MinibusAlbania Minibus
Tirana International Airport+355 52 22 55 39Tirana International Airport
Blue Panorama AirlinesBlue Panorama Airlines
Royal Travel Cetinje+382 69 294 654Royal Travel Cetinje
Atlas Kompass+385 1 2415 611Atlas Kompass
Vueling AirlinesVueling Airlines
Croatia AirlinesCroatia Airlines
Montenegro LinesMontenegro Lines
Miccolis080 5315334Miccolis
Trenitalia Frecce+39 06 68475475Trenitalia Frecce
STP Societa Trasporti Provinciale SPA080/9752672STP Societa Trasporti Provinciale SPA
Trenitalia Intercity+39 06 68475475Trenitalia Intercity
Blueline MNE+382 31 33 51 00Blueline MNE
Jadrolinija+385 51 666 111Jadrolinija
TTI Slr+39081969167TTI Slr
ATAC S.p.A. Azienda per la mobilità+39 06.4695.2400ATAC S.p.A. Azienda per la mobilità
Old Town Travel+382 32 520 495Old Town Travel
Florentia Bus+39 055 967024Florentia Bus