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Train, bus or fly from Milwaukee to Seattle?

Southwest Airlines, Delta and three other airlines fly from Milwaukee to Seattle hourly. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Milwaukee to Seattle via Minneapolis, Mn, Hennepin Ave & Maple St, Hennepin Ave & 9th St S, Minneapolis, MN, Missoula, MT, and Missoula, Mt in around 44 h 2 min.

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How to get from Milwaukee to Seattle

From S1 & National #641 bus to Airport #7168, walk to Milwaukee airport, fly to Seattle airport, walk to Seatac/Airport Stn Rail & Intl Blvd S/S 176 St, then tram to Seattle.6 h 17 min$215
From Milwaukee, WI - Amtrak bus to Chicago, IL - O'Hare International Airport, walk to Chicago O'Hare airport, fly to Seattle airport, walk to Seatac/Airport Stn Rail & Intl Blvd S/S 176 St, then tram to Seattle.7 h 39 min$236
From Milwaukee, Wi bus to Minneapolis, Mn, walk to Hennepin Ave & Maple St, line 6 bus to Hennepin Ave & 9th St S, walk to Minneapolis, MN, bus to Missoula, MT, walk to Missoula, Mt, then bus to Seattle, Wa.44 h 2 min$427
From Milwaukee Intermodal Station Amtrak train to Seattle King Street Station Amtrak.44 h 33 min$562
From Milwaukee drive to Seattle.31 h 11 min$244

How long does it take to get from Milwaukee to Seattle?

It takes approximately 6 h 17 min to get from Milwaukee to Seattle, including transfers.

Is there a direct train between Milwaukee and Seattle?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from Milwaukee Intermodal Station Amtrak and arriving at Seattle King Street Station Amtrak. Services depart once daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 44 h 33 min.

Is there a direct bus between Milwaukee and Seattle?

No, there is no direct bus from Milwaukee to Seattle. However, there are services departing from Milwaukee, Wi and arriving at Seattle, Wa via Hennepin Ave & Maple St, Minneapolis, MN and Missoula, Mt. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 44 h 2 min.

Operators from Milwaukee to Seattle

Milwaukee County TransitMilwaukee County Transit
Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines
Alaska Airlines, Inc.Alaska Airlines, Inc.
United AirlinesUnited Airlines
American AirlinesAmerican Airlines
Sound Transit (ST)Sound Transit (ST)
Coach USA201-225-7500Coach USA
Spirit AirlinesSpirit Airlines
Frontier AirlinesFrontier Airlines
Greyhound USA+1 214-849-8100Greyhound USA
Metro TransitMetro Transit
Jefferson Lines800-451-5333Jefferson Lines
Amtrak+1 1-800-872-7245Amtrak