Travel from Livorno-Region to Rome

Train from Livorno (Region) to Rome

Trenitalia Frecce operates a train from Livorno (Region) to Rome every 4 hours. Tickets cost $30 - $50 and the journey takes 2 h 6 min.

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How to get from Livorno (Region) to Rome

From Bolgheri train to Campiglia Marittima then train to Roma Termini.3 h 30 min37€
From Sondraie E line 01 bus to Piazza Della Libertà, walk to Cecina, then train to Roma Termini.4 h 32 min34€
From San Guido W line 01 bus to Campiglia Stazione, walk to Campiglia Marittima, train to Grosseto, then bus to Rome.6 h 2 min27€
From Livorno (Region) drive to Rome.3 h 20 min40€
From Bolgheri train to Pisa C.Le, walk to Pisa Centrale, train to Pisa Airport, walk to Pisa airport, fly to Rome airport, walk to Fiumicino Aeroporto, then train to Rome.3 h 53 min109€
From Bolgheri train to Livorno C.Le, train to Firenze Smn, walk to P. Alinari, bus to V.Le Guidoni,, walk to Florence airport, fly to Rome airport, walk to Fiumicino Aeroporto, then train to Rome.5 h 52 min97€

How long does it take to get from Livorno (Region) to Rome?

It takes approximately 3 h 30 min to get from Livorno (Region) to Rome, including transfers.

Is there a direct train between Livorno (Region) and Rome?

No, there is no direct train from Livorno (Region) to Rome. However, there are services departing from Bolgheri and arriving at Roma Termini via Campiglia Marittima. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 3 h 30 min.

Operators from Livorno (Region) to Rome

Trenitalia+39 06 68475475Trenitalia
Trenitalia Frecce+39 06 68475475Trenitalia Frecce
Tiemme Spa+39.0565.260111Tiemme Spa
FlixBus+49 1807 123 99 123FlixBus
People MoverPeople Mover