Travel from Lijiang to Zhangjiajie

Train, bus or fly from Lijiang to Zhangjiajie?

China Southern Airlines, Air China and 6 other airlines fly from Lijiang to Zhangjiajie every 4 hours. Alternatively, China Railways K-Class operates a train from Lijiang to Zhangjiajie 4 times a day. Tickets cost $12 - $27 and the journey takes 6 h 55 min. 3 other operators also service this route.

How to get from Lijiang to Zhangjiajie

From Lijiang bus to Lijiang airport, fly to Dayong airport, then line 4 bus to Zhangjiajie. 6 h 12 min $284. From Lijiang taxi to Lijiang, train to Kunming Station, line 1 Metro to Kunming South, train to Huaihua South, taxi to Huaihua, then train to Zhangjiajie. 16 h 43 min $151. From Lijiang taxi to Lijiang, train to Xuanwei, then train to Zhangjiajie. 27 h 26 min $64. From Lijiang bus to Kunming West, taxi to Kunming, bus to Fuyuan, bus to Guizhou Jinyang Bus Station, bus to Fenghuang, then bus to Zhangjiajie. 31 h 46 min $115. From Lijiang drive to Zhangjiajie. 16 h 25 min $178.