Travel from La-Herradura-Panama to Grenada-Country

Flights from La Herradura to Grenada

American Airlines, Copa Airlines and 2 other airlines fly from La Herradura to Saint George's 3 times a day.

How to get from La Herradura to Grenada

From La Herradura taxi to La Chorrera, bus to Albrook, shuttle to Panama City airport, fly to Grenada airport, then bus to Saint George's. 13 h 26 min $495.

Operators from La Herradura to Grenada

Panamá Regional BusesPanamá Regional Buses
Valitours Transportation(507) 6687-1802Valitours Transportation
American AirlinesAmerican Airlines
Copa AirlinesCopa Airlines
Caribbean AirlinesCaribbean Airlines
Leeward Islands Air TransportLeeward Islands Air Transport
Grenado ExplorerGrenado Explorer