Travel from Istanbul to Nice

Bus or fly from Istanbul to Nice?

Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and 3 other airlines fly from Istanbul to Nice every 4 hours. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Istanbul to Nice via Sofia in around 35 h 42 min.

How to get from Istanbul to Nice

From Aksaray Metro to Istanbul airport, fly to Nice airport, then train to Nice.6 h 1 min$114
From Istanbul bus to Sofia then bus to Nice.35 h 42 min
From Istanbul bus to Burgas, bus to Nice Airport, walk to St-Laurent-du-Var, then train to Nice Ville.40 h 48 min
From Istanbul taxi to Halkali, night train to Videle, train to Budapest-Keleti, train to Zuerich Hb, train to Milano Centrale, train to Ventimiglia(fr), then train to Nice Ville.2 days 8 h$385
From Aksaray Metro to Istanbul Bariam, bus to Shumen, then bus to Nice.2 days 9 h$299
From Istanbul drive to Nice.21 h 56 min$373