Travel from Ioannina to Dubrovnik

Bus from Ioannina to Dubrovnik

Albtrans sh.p.k operates a bus from Ioannina to Dubrovnik twice daily, and the journey takes 4 h 49 min. Globtour also services this route once daily.

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How to get from Ioannina to Dubrovnik

From Ioannina bus to Thessaloniki, taxi to Thessaloniki, night train to Skopje, bus to Herceg Novi, then bus to Dubrovnik.15 h 15 min5010
From Ioannina bus to Durrës, walk to Durres Zob, then bus to Dubrovnik Zob.15 h 38 min1439
From Ioannina bus to Tiranë, walk to Tirana, bus to Budva, then bus to Dubrovnik.16 h 9 min2208
From Ioannina drive to Dubrovnik.9 h 38 min5308