Travel from Hvar to Budva

How to get from Hvar to Budva?

There is no direct connection from Hvar to Budva. However, you can take the Catamaran to Dubrovnik then take the drive to Budva. Alternatively, you can take the Catamaran to Dubrovnik, take the walk to Dubrovnik, then take the bus to Budva.

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How to get from Hvar to Budva

From Hvar Catamaran to Dubrovnik then drive to Budva. 5 h 2 min $33. From Hvar Catamaran to Dubrovnik, walk to Dubrovnik, then bus to Budva. 7 h 16 min $25. From Hvar ferry to Dubrovnik, walk to Dubrovnik Zob, then bus to Budva Zob. 7 h 33 min $39. From Hvar drive to Sućuraj, line 632 car ferry to Drvenik, then drive to Budva. 6 h 15 min $48.

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