Travel from Entrecampos to Faro

Train, bus or fly from Entrecampos to Faro?

Portuguese Railways (CP) operates a train from Entrecampos to Faro every 4 hours. Tickets cost $22 - $45 and the journey takes 3 h 22 min. Alternatively, Portuguese Railways (CP) operates a bus from Entrecampos to Faro every 10 minutes. Tickets cost $1 - $3 and the journey takes 3 min. Rede Expressos also services this route every 2 hours.

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How to get from Entrecampos to Faro

From Entrecampos train to Faro(P). 3 h 22 min 25€. From Entrecampos train to Lisboa then bus to Faro Bus Station. 4 h 18 min 38€. From Entrecampos train to Sete Rios, walk to Lisbon, Lisboa Sete Rios, then bus to Faro, Faro. 5 h 14 min 25€. From Entrecampos drive to Faro. 2 h 40 min 39€. From Entrecampos walk to Entre Campos, line 1 bus to Lisbon airport, fly to Faro airport, then line 16 bus to Faro. 2 h 44 min 79€.