Travel from Durban to Pongola

How to get from Durban to Pongola?

There is no direct connection from Durban to Pongola. However, you can take the bus to Paulpietersburg then take the taxi to Pongola. Alternatively, you can drive from Durban to Pongola in around 4 h 15 min.

How to get from Durban to Pongola

From Durban bus to Paulpietersburg then taxi to Pongola.8 h 4 minR 2 055
From Durban drive to Pongola.4 h 15 minR 516
From Durban bus to Durban airport, fly to Phinda Game Reserve airport, then drive to Pongola.9 h 46 minR 1 887

Operators from Durban to Pongola