Travel from Cleveland to Phoenix

Bus or fly from Cleveland to Phoenix?

Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines and 3 other airlines fly from Cleveland to Phoenix hourly. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Cleveland to Phoenix via Columbus, OH and St. Louis, MO in around 44 h 50 min.

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How to get from Cleveland to Phoenix

From Tower City Station Track 8 subway to Cleveland airport, fly to Phoenix airport, then taxi to Phoenix.6 h 12 min$220
From Cleveland Amtrak train to Chicago Union Station Amtrak, train to Flagstaff, AZ, bus to Metro Center Transit Center, line 90 bus to 19TH AVE/DUNLAP station, then tram to Jefferson Street/1St Ave Light Rail Stn.43 h 47 min$611
From Cleveland, OH bus to Columbus, OH, bus to St. Louis, MO, then bus to Phoenix, AZ.44 h 50 min$256
From Cleveland drive to Phoenix.32 h 33 min$248