Travel from Chippenham to Salisbury-England

Bus or train from Chippenham to Salisbury?

Great Western Railway operates a train from Chippenham to Salisbury once daily. Tickets cost $23 - $45 and the journey takes 1 h 8 min. Alternatively, Faresaver operates a bus from Chippenham to Salisbury hourly. Tickets cost $3 - $5 and the journey takes 40 min. Salisbury Reds also services this route hourly.

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How to get from Chippenham to Salisbury

From Chippenham train to Salisbury.1 h 8 min£19
From Chippenham train to Bath Spa then train to Salisbury.1 h 49 min£26
From Chippenham, Town Bridge bus to Trowbridge then train to Salisbury.2 h 9 min£16
From Chippenham, Bus Station line 33 bus to Devizes, Market Place then bus to Salisbury, Tesco.2 h 46 min£10
From Chippenham, Town Bridge bus to Trowbridge, Trinity Church then bus to Salisbury, Blue Boar Row.3 h 16 min£6
From Chippenham taxi to Salisbury.54 min£91
From Chippenham drive to Salisbury.54 min£6

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