Travel from Budapest to Timișoara

Train, bus or fly from Budapest to Timișoara?

Christian Transfers operates a bus from Budapest to Timișoara every 3 hours. Tickets cost $50 - $300 and the journey takes 4 h 50 min. SC Latino Expres S.R.L. also services this route 3 times a day. Alternatively, Hungarian Railways (MÁV) operates a train from Budapest to Timișoara 3 times a day. Tickets cost $14 - $22 and the journey takes 5 h 5 min.

How to get from Budapest to Timișoara

From Budapest Keleti Kerepesi bus to Timisoara.4 h 50 min57€
From Budapest-Keleti train to Timisoara Nord.5 h 5 min15€
From Budapest rideshare to Timișoara.4 h 5 min16€
From Budapest drive to Timișoara.3 h 1 min34€
From Deák Ferenc tér M bus to Budapest airport, fly to Timisoara airport, then shuttle to Timișoara.7 h 10 min110€
From Dózsa György tér line 5 bus to Budapest then Shuttle bus to Timisoara.4 h 58 min83€