Travel from Bordeaux to Caen

Train, bus or fly from Bordeaux to Caen?

You can take a train from Bordeaux to Caen via Montparnasse-Bienvenue and Paris St Lazare in around 6 h 14 min. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Bordeaux to Caen via Rennes in around 10 h 4 min.

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How to get from Bordeaux to Caen

From Bordeaux-St-Jean train to Montparnasse-Bienvenue, line 13 subway to Paris St Lazare, then train to Caen. 6 h 14 min 120€. From Bordeaux-St-Jean train to St-Pierre-des-Corps then train to Caen. 6 h 32 min 82€. From Bordeaux bus to Rennes then bus to Caen. 10 h 4 min 45€. From Bordeaux, BDX St-Jean bus to Nantes, Nantes Haluchère then bus to Caen. 14 h 25 min 63€. From Bordeaux rideshare to Caen. 7 h 10 min 39€. From Bordeaux drive to Caen. 5 h 33 min 80€. From Palais de Justice line 1 bus to Bordeaux airport, fly to Caen airport, then line 3 bus to Caen. 6 h 4 min 183€.