Travel from Barcelona to Hanover

Train, bus or fly from Barcelona to Hanover?

Eurowings, Vueling Airlines and seven other airlines fly from Barcelona to Hanover hourly. Alternatively, you can take a train from Barcelona to Hanover via Montpellier Saint-Roch, Lyon Part Dieu, Strasbourg, and Karlsruhe Hbf in around 15 hours 45 minutes.

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How to get from Barcelona to Hanover

From Barcelona - Passeig de Gràcia train to Barcelona airport, fly to Hannover airport, then train to Hanover.5 h 15 min$114
From Barcelona - Passeig de Gràcia train to Barcelona airport, fly to Bremen airport, line 6 tram to Bremen Hbf, then train to Hanover.8 h 51 min$161
From Barcelona - Passeig de Gràcia train to Barcelona airport, fly to Hamburg airport, train to Hamburg Hasselbrook, train to Hamburg Hbf, then train to Hanover.7 h 33 min$133
From Barcelona Sants train to Montpellier Saint-Roch, train to Lyon Part Dieu, train to Strasbourg, train to Karlsruhe Hbf, then train to Hannover Hbf.15 h 45 min$378
From Barcelona taxi to Malgrat de Mar, train to Barcelona Sants, train to Paris Lyon Banlieue, RER to Paris Nord, train to Düsseldorf Hbf, then drive to Hanover.17 h 20 min$612
From Barcelona bus to Lloret de Mar, bus to Frankfurt Hbf, then bus to Hanover ZOB.27 h 20 min$225
From Barcelona bus to Marseille then bus to Hannover.30 h 11 min$260
From Barcelona bus to Hannover.3 days 4 h$161
From Barcelona drive to Hanover.14 h 51 min$268

How long does it take to get from Barcelona to Hanover?

It takes approximately 5 hours 15 minutes to get from Barcelona to Hanover, including transfers.

Is there a direct train between Barcelona and Hanover?

No, there is no direct train from Barcelona to Hanover. However, there are services departing from Barcelona Sants and arriving at Hannover Hbf via Montpellier Saint-Roch, Lyon Part Dieu, Strasbourg and Karlsruhe Hbf. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 15 hours 45 minutes.

Is there a direct bus between Barcelona and Hanover?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Barcelona and arriving at Hannover. Services depart once daily. The journey takes approximately 3 days 4 hours.

Operators from Barcelona to Hanover

Barcelona Cercanías (RENFE)900 41 00 41Barcelona Cercanías (RENFE)
Vueling AirlinesVueling Airlines
Air FranceAir France
British AirwaysBritish Airways
Brussels AirlinesBrussels Airlines
Transavia HollandTransavia Holland
BSAG+49 421 5596-0BSAG
German Railways (DB)+49 0180 6 99 66 33German Railways (DB)
Norwegian Air InternationalNorwegian Air International
TGV0033 892 353535TGV
French Railways (SNCF)+33 9 70 60 99 70French Railways (SNCF)
Paris RERParis RER
MoventisSarbus - 935 806 700 , La Vallesana - 935 806 700, Houses - 937 981 100 , Sarfa - 902 302 025Moventis
Eurolines DE+49 6196 2078-501Eurolines DE
FlixBus+49 1807 123 99 123FlixBus
Eurolines FR+ 33 1 41 86 24 21Eurolines FR
ALSA+34 902 42 22 42ALSA