Travel from Astana to Aktau

Train or fly from Astana to Aktau?

Bek Air, Air Astana and SCAT fly from Astana to Aktau 4 times a day. Alternatively, Railways of Kazakhstan (KTZ) operates a train from Astana to Aktau 4 times a week. Tickets cost $35 - $60 and the journey takes 45 h 20 min.

How to get from Astana to Aktau

From Narodnyy Bank line 10 bus to Astana airport, fly to Aktau airport, then taxi to Aktau.5 h 4 min$380
From Astana train to Mangyshlak then taxi to Aktau.45 h 38 min$52
From Astana drive to Aktau.43 h 53 min

How long does it take to get from Astana to Aktau?

It takes approximately 5 h 4 min to get from Astana to Aktau, including transfers.

Operators from Astana to Aktau

Astana Airport BusAstana Airport Bus
Bek AirBek Air
Air AstanaAir Astana
Railways of Kazakhstan (KTZ)Railways of Kazakhstan (KTZ)