About Trenitalia

For over 20 years, Trenitalia has been Italy's main train service, with connections across the country including major tourist routes such as Rome to Milan, Pisa to Florence and Naples to Venice. Trenitalia routes also extend to international connections in neighbouring countries, including popular routes to Switzerland and France. Depending on your journey, train services include the zippy high-speed Frecciarossa and Frecciarossa 1000 services, with top speeds of up to 400 km/h, bridging long distances into day trips. Standard services include the cheaper (but slower) Frecciabianca, Intercity and Night train services.

Fares utilise a tiered pricing system, and those looking for the best fare price should be sure to book in advance (at least two days before the journey), with Super Economy tickets starting at just €9. Visitors to Italy can also make use of the Trenitalia Pass, a flexible and cost-effective way to get the most out of an extended Italian journey. Starting at €129, the Trenitalia Pass is a flexible option for up to 10 journeys across the country, and can be used at any time within 11 months of activation. Fares on many Trenitalia services include options for choosing passenger class, with a variable pricing system that includes the addition of amenities such as bar and restaurant access.


Amenities aboard Trenitalia services will differ depending on which train service and passenger class you choose. Please check available Trenitalia amenities on your service at the time of booking. Amenities may include the following:

  • Toilets
  • Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment portal
  • Power sockets
  • Luggage storage
  • Air conditioning
  • Bar and restaurant


Trenitalia routes differ depending on the service, but will generally include options for high-speed cross-country connections, local services and overnight sleeper cars.

High-speed Frecciarossa services cover the length of Italy (including major stops along the route such as Rome), with options from Turin and Venice in the north to Solerno in the south. Other major Frecciarossa routes include Trieste to Milan and Turin to Lecce.

Frecciargento services combine high-speed and traditional train lines, with speeds of up to 250 km/h. Major Frecciargento routes include Rome to Venice and Rome to Verona, as well many services connecting Milan to the Adriatic, including Taranto and Lecce. Frecciabianca trains run outside the high-speed network and include services from Rome to Genoa, and Venice to Lecce. Night&AV train options provide a combination of overnight and high speed services, connecting journeys from Sicily, Calabria and Puglia with destinations in Turin, Milan and Venice.

Ticket types

Base Tickets: The most flexible ticket option, the Base ticket can be used on all trains (except Executive services) and includes the option to change services before departure. Base tickets may be changed an unlimited number of times before departure, representing a great option for those looking for flexibility in their travel.

Economy Tickets: A great cost-effective ticket option, Economy tickets are available on first and second class Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca services and can be purchased up to two days in advance. Economy tickets are non-refundable and may be used only on Frecce services.

Super Economy: The cheapest ticket on Trenitalia services, Super Economy tickets start as low as €9 for options in first and second class Frecce trains. Seating allocations for Super Economy tickets are limited and subject to change and variability. Tickets may be purchased up to two days before scheduled departure. Super Economy tickets are non-refundable, do not allow for ticket or reservations changes and cannot be combined with other discount offers.

Frequently asked questions

Yes - Wi-Fi is available on both Frecciarossa and Frecciargento services, and may be accessed free of charge. Services require either a mobile phone number or credit card for verification purposes and allow access for 24 hours.

Yes - Frecce services include a power socket for each seat.

Yes - Frecciarossa and Frecciargento services often offer bar and restaurant options, though this depends on the individual route and train type. Business, Premium and First Class tickets include a complimentary drink and snack. Some services may offer restaurant, FRECCIABistro or pre-booked, in-seat meal options. Please check your service as options vary.

Yes - Small pets such as cats and dogs are welcome aboard Trenitalia services including first and second class and Executive, Business, Premium and Standard service options. Accompanying pets ride free of charge, are limited to one per passenger, and must be in a pet carrier that does not exceed 70x30x50cm in dimension.

Larger dogs are also permitted, providing they are leashed and fitted with a muzzle. Dogs larger than those permitted within pet carriers require a ticket, purchased for half the price of a second class fare on the desired route. This option applies for most tickets and services (including Frecce, InterCity and regional trains), but passengers travelling with a pet should check their service before booking. Please note, dogs must be accompanied by their canine registry certificate and health booklet. Guide dogs may travel free of charge on all services with no ticket requirement.

Trenitalia bookings generally open 90-120 days in advance for high-speed Frecce services, and 60 days in advance for regional services. Purchasing tickets in advance may allow for discounted fares or greater choice in seat reservation, depending on service or route selected.

Fares do not need to be purchased in advance, however, and many services allow tickets to be purchased just before travel.

Amenities on Trenitalia trains vary depending on the level and type of ticket. Most services will include toilet facilities, air conditioning, power sockets in each seat and luggage storage. Individual services may also include food and drink options such as on-board restaurant and bar, and pre-booked in-seat meals.

Free Wi-Fi is standard on services including Frecciarossa and Frecciargento, with complimentary access to the FRECCE Portal, which includes entertainment options such as films, music and news broadcasts.

In many cases, depending on the type of ticket purchased, passengers may be eligible for ticket refunds. Circumstances including COVID-related service cancellations will be eligible for full refunds, while service delays may attract reimbursements. Passengers should consult Trenitalia in this event.

Those holding Economy and Super Economy tickets are not eligible for refunds in the event they cancel their own journey. Base ticket holders are eligible for a refund for cancellations before the journey, attracting a 20% reduction in refund value.

Yes - Some services and tickets, such as the Base ticket, allow for seat changes. Economy and Super Economy ticket holders are not eligible for seat changes.


Trenitalia does not specify luggage allowances, meaning travellers are free to bring luggage on board including strollers, musical instruments, high chairs etc. Luggage must be stored within allotted areas, though passengers may bring more than their section’s storage capacity provided they respect the luggage of other passengers. Luggage is free to transport on Trenitalia services.

Services operating within Italy allow for free transport of bicycles, providing they are dismantled or collapsable, stored in a closed bag, and do not exceed dimensions of 80x110x45cm. International services vary, but trains including Italy-Austria and Italy-Germany day services allow bicycles for an extra fee.