Ticket Collection

How do I collect my UK rail ticket?

You can pick your ticket up from any UK train station with a self-service ticket machine. Your confirmation email will advise the collection facilities available at your departure station, as well as some nearby stations. You’ll need your 8-character ticket collection reference code and the payment card selected to print the ticket. We recommend you allow 20 minutes to collect your tickets before departure.


Why can’t the ticket vending machine find my ticket?

Make sure you have your 8-character ticket collection reference code (eg W7RD7J2P) and are using the selected payment card for collection. Tickets are available to print 15 minutes after your booking is completed, but it can take up to 2 hours. If you don’t have the payment card selected during the booking process, you will need to buy a new ticket. No other cards will be accepted. Any issue with printing from the machine should be raised with station staff.


Who do I contact if I have issues collecting my ticket?

In the unlikely event that you are unable to print your tickets using the correct reference code and payment card, please raise your concerns with the station staff. If they are still unable to print your ticket, send us an email to tickets@rome2rio.com. We will need to know the station, date and time at which this occurred, and any other information to help identify which staff member and machine(s) were unable to find the booking. If you were required to purchase replacement tickets at the station, please send us a copy of the receipt and the new tickets. This will help us identify where and by whom the failed ticket collection occurred.

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