I’ve Booked – Whats Next?

Will I receive a booking confirmation email?

Shortly after you’ve booked your UK rail ticket through Rome2rio, you will receive a booking confirmation email from us. Tickets are normally available to collect from the station 15 minutes after your online booking is complete, but it can take up to 2 hours.


What do I do if my booking confirmation email hasn’t arrived or has been lost?

If you have purchased a ticket but haven’t received a confirmation email from Rome2rio, occasionally these emails might get placed in your Junk Mail or Spam folder by your mail system. Please check those folders for tickets@rome2rio.com just in case.

If you still can’t find your email, or you accidently deleted it, contact us at tickets@rome2rio.com. Make sure you include your full name and as many details about the trip as possible. If you have your ticket collection reference code, please include this as well.


Why do I see a GBP1.00 or similar charge on my account?

Sometimes following a booking, you might see an authorization hold fee on your bank statement, this is a common procedure in the banking industry and its purpose is to validate your payment card. The fee is not a permanent charge, but a temporary hold of funds following a transaction attempt. Usually, it happens so quickly that you never see the transaction, while sometimes your bank may display it on your account for up to 5 business days before it disappears.

In the unlikely event that the fee remains on your account for more than 5 business days, we recommend you first contact your bank, and then tickets@rome2rio.com.

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