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How far in advance can I book my UK rail ticket?

You can book UK rail tickets up to 12 weeks in advance.


How can I find the cheapest ticket for my journey?

If your plans are unlikely to change, then you should book in advance and look out for the Advance fares, as they can be discounted up to 80% compared to buying tickets on the day. However, they are sold in limited numbers and subject to availability.


Can I book the ticket for someone else to collect?

Absolutely! During our booking process, you can pay for a ticket with one payment card and select a different payment card for ticket collection. Please note, once you have completed your booking, we are unable to change the payment card used for collection.

UK - Book someone else


What happens if my payment card for collection is lost/expired/cancelled?

Contact our customer support team at least 48 hours before departure (, and we will reach out to the train operator on your behalf. We will try out best to assist, but due to strict fraud regulations there is no guarantee that the operator will be able to find a solution, and you may have to forfeit your ticket.


Can we pre-allocate seats on UK trains?

Rome2rio offers seating preferences where available, and we rely on the individual train operators to make the final seat allocation. Groups of two or more passengers are seated together by default. All seat requests are subject to availability. Once a booking has been made we are not usually able to make any seating changes.

If seat reservations are not available on your chosen service, you can sit in any vacant, unreserved seat for the appropriate class of travel for your journey. Most train operators in the UK leave seats available for customers without reservations (there is usually at least one carriage with unreserved seating). If there aren’t any seats available you may be required to stand for part of all of your journey.

UK - seat pref


What are my baggage restrictions onboard the train?

Customers may take up to three items of personal luggage free of charge, this includes two large items (such as suitcases or rucksacks) and one item of smaller hand luggage (such as a briefcase).

Excess luggage and certain more bulky items (such as skis) may be carried, subject to available space, at an extra charge.


What happens if I need to change trains in London?

Typically, your ticket will include travel across London, if your ticket has a ‘†’ symbol on it, you’re covered to travel across London on London Underground, Docklands Light Railway or Thameslink services to your connection.


What happens if I need wheelchair access?

Most trains can accommodate wheelchairs, but you should check with your specific operator and if available book a space in advance. A list of train operators and their policies, along with contact details can be found at National Rail.


What are the different passenger types?


Adults have access to the normal fare categories available. No additional discounts apply.

Senior 60+

With a Senior Railcard anyone 60 years or over can save up to 30% on all Anytime, Off-Peak and Advance fares. Restrictions apply.

Children aged 5-15

Children 5 to 15 years old can obtain a 50% discount on most tickets. Restrictions apply.

Infant/children aged 0-4

Children aged 0-4 can travel for free without a seat if accompanied by a fare-paying passenger, and they do not require a ticket. If you would prefer to book a seat for your child aged 0-3, simply select the category of ‘Child’ instead.


Am I entitled to a group discount?

If you are a group of 3 to 9 adults travelling together on Off-Peak tickets, you may be entitled to a GroupSave discount of 33%. Passengers must travel together at all times for the tickets to be valid. GroupSave is not applicable for all journeys, but Rome2rio will automatically apply this discount if valid for your journey.

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