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How far in advance can I book my tickets?

The majority of National Express timetables are valid from early March to late February every year, which allows you to book your journey up to one year in advance.


Can I buy my ticket from the driver?

Yes, subject to availability and restrictions, so we highly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.


How do I book a ticket to travel to one location, but return from another location?

If you need to book a coach from one location, but return from a different location you will need to book 2 single tickets as we are unable to process this request under one booking.


Do you offer bookings for children, infants and seniors?

At this stage, we only offer bookings for adult fares and we plan to introduce fares for infants, children and seniors soon and will announce the rollout of this capability on our blog and Facebook page.


Can I travel with my service animal or pet?

National Express does not permit animals, except for Guide Dogs. If you’re travelling with your guide dog, simply book a ticket for yourself as normal, then call the National Express contact centre at least 72 hours before travel and provide them with your ticket number and details of your guide dog. They will reserve two front seats for you and inform the driver of your requirements. Please note, your pet must wear the correct high visibility jacket and you must have the relevant documents when travelling to confirm they are an assistance pet.


Can I book and pay in my local currency?

We will quote your ticket in the currency that you have selected on Rome2rio, however your payment card will be charged in GBP (British Pounds) for all National Express tickets. You may incur additional bank fees and foreign conversion fees, please refer to your financial institution for more information.


How much luggage can I take?

You can take two (2) medium sized suitcases, each weighing no more than 20kg (45lbs) and a small piece of hand luggage onboard a National Express Coach. Your hand luggage will need to be stored in the overhead rack or beneath your seat. Luggage items significantly in excess of 20kg (45lbs) may be charged.


Can I pre-allocate my seats?

Your ticket guarantees you a seat but does not reserve any particular place, so you can sit on any vacant seat when you board the coach. For customers that require mobility assistance, book your ticket as normal on Rome2rio and then call National Express to request a front seat. If you require a seat with extra leg room, National Express offer the first four seats (two behind the driver and two opposite) to be reserved by calling their contact centre.


How do I arrange special assistance for my journey?

If you are a wheelchair user or have a disability, simply book your ticket on Rome2rio as normal and send an email to National Express at with your name and date of travel in the subject heading at least 36 hours before you travel. If you are travelling in less than 36 hours, please call their Customer Service Centre on +44-3717-818181 during 8am – 10pm (UK local time), 7 days a week.


Can I use my Coachcard to get a discount?

At this stage, we do not offer the option to process a booking with a coachcard discount. We plan to introduce this feature soon and will announce the rollout of this capability on our blog and Facebook page.


Do the National Express coaches make bathroom stops?

On the majority of services, no. They do provide rest breaks on longer journeys, especially overnight services between England and Scotland. All of their coaches are equipped with toilet and washroom facilities.

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