How to get to Eataly World in Bologna


Keeping on top of every bus, train, ferry, transfer and airplane route in the world is no small task. We’ve talked about how we manage it in previous posts; the process works well and right now we offer 750,000 routes from over 4,800 transport operators worldwide.

Sometimes we hear about new routes from unexpected sources. In Monday’s edition of the New York Times, an article on the new Eataly World location in Bologna caught our eye. If you haven’t been to an Eataly yet — check here for their store locations — you are in for a very special treat. Eataly is an Italian marketplace, dedicated to bringing you the very best of Italian food and wine. But not just that: a trip to Eataly is an education and an uplifting event. It’s certainly not your regular shopping experience.

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The new Bologna Eataly World location is so vast it has its own transportation, with buses running from Bologna Central Station every 15 minutes. Its full title is FICO Eataly World, and at 100,000 square meters it lives up to its billing as the world’s largest agri-food park. Don’t take our word for it: next time you’re in a city with an Eataly location, check it out. And check out Rome2rio for how to get there!

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