Print Search Results Feature Launched Today

Published September 16, 2014

For some time now, our users have been asking for the ability to print their journey plans. We’re now pleased to announce the Print view feature that displays your Rome2rio search result in a simple, ready-to-print format.

Simply click the new Print view button at the top-right of the search results:


The results are then displayed in a simple list-style format, ready for printing:


You may expand and collapse each of the possible itineraries to decide which to print:


You can try the new print view feature here. We’re confident it will come in handy, not just on the road, but also for sharing, scribbling notes, and for posting your upcoming trips on the noticeboard at work. (Unfair to your fellow workers, but understandable.)

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Co-founder & CEO
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  • I love it!
    Only one thing: when I click on the print button (whitelabel) I need one more click to get the printed version page. see


    • Hi Luca,

      Thanks for pointing this out. We are working on fixing it – should be corrected by next week.


      • Burkhard

        Hi Michael,
        when it works (the print function) its pretty nice. But it takes 4 or 5 tries mostly it leads me directly to the homepage rome2rio. I tried another browser and its the same problem, in the moment its not working/printing anyway. I m using Elementary OS like Ubuntu with Midori and then Firefox Browser, any idea whats going wrong?

  • Natasha Muller

    When I have multiple destinations I don’t see the option for print preview ?

  • this feature has been removed from the whitelabel version 🙁

    any plans about future reintegration?

    • T Magner

      not very helpful as you are more likely to need to print it if it is multi-trip !!! Might well send me to Google Maps