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From Int'l District tram to Seattle airport, fly to St. Louis airport, then train to St. Louis. 6hrs 57min $214. From Seattle, WA train to Chicago, IL then train to St. Louis, MO. 2days 02hrs $415. From Seattle, WA bus to Portland, OR, bus to Salt Lake City, UT, bus to Denver, then Bus to St Louis. 2days 02hrs $415.

Seattle to Corvallis Seattle to Leavenworth Seattle to Nice Motel Gangwon South Korea Seattle to Anacortes Seattle to Las Vegas Airport LAS USA Seattle to Israel Seattle to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal Seattle to Córdoba Córdoba Province Seattle to Great Wall of China Seattle to Providence Seattle to Stockholm urban area Seattle to Koh Samui Seattle to Annecy Seattle to Brainerd Seattle to Grinnell Seattle to Loreto Seattle to Mount Whisler Seattle to Mueang Phuket Seattle to Ogden Seattle to Puyallup Seattle to San José CA USA Seattle to Stanford University Seattle to Tripoli Seattle to Cooperstown Seattle to Mérida Yucatán Mexico Seattle to Oakville Seattle to Amtrak Olympia Lacey Seattle to Susanville Seattle to Texas Tech University Seattle to The Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa Indianapolis to St Louis Houston to St Louis Philadelphia to St Louis Idaho to St Louis Strasbourg Airport SXB France to St Louis Waukegan to St Louis Champaign to St Louis Dublin to St Louis Frankfurt to St Louis Illinois to St Louis Essen to St Louis Baltimore to St Louis Lethbridge to St Louis Big Sur to St Louis Colorado Springs to St Louis Yellowknife to St Louis La Plata MO USA to St Louis Lincoln to St Louis Belize to St Louis Paducah Tilghman High School to St Louis Urbana Township Champaign County to St Louis Columbus Golden Triangle Regional to St Louis Don Mills to St Louis Lake George to St Louis Warsaw to St Louis Laramie to St Louis Elgin to St Louis Belgrade to St Louis Düsseldorf to St Louis Kissimmee to St Louis