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From Laurentienne / des Embarcations line 279 bus to Quebec airport, fly to Covington airport, bus to Covington Transit Center, bus to Government Square Area H, then bus to Cincinnati. 10hrs 07min $403. From Laurentienne / des Embarcations line 279 bus to Quebec airport, fly to Dayton airport, taxi to Dayton, OH, bus to Reading Rd 527, then line 4 bus to Cincinnati. 11hrs 36min $417. From Québec, QC train to Montréal, QC, train to Union Station Rail, train to Portage Road & Portage Rd Transpo Center, line 40 bus to Buffalo, NY, bus to Central Pkwy & 12th Street, line 20 bus to Main St & Court St, then bus to Montgomery Rd & Mills Ave. 24hrs 42min $258. From Gare du Palais bus to Berri / Place Emile-Gamelin, bus to Montreal, PQ, bus to Toronto, ON, bus to Detroit, MI, bus to Reading Rd 527, then line 4 bus to Montgomery Rd & Elm Ave. 24hrs 54min $197. From Québec drive to Cincinnati. 16hrs 12min $197.

Québec to Grenoble Québec to Westport NY USA Québec to Lac du Repos Québec to Andover NJ USA Québec to Vancouver Québec to Denver Québec to St John Québec to Chivay Québec to Naval Station Great Lakes Québec to Canadian Grand Prix Québec to Saint Quentin NB Canada Québec to Bath ME USA Québec to Binghamton Québec to Piermont Québec to Horsham Township Montgomery County Québec to Swede St Basin St Québec to USS New Jersey BB 62 Québec to Ingalls Wheeler Horton Homstead Site Québec to Kennebunk Québec to Needham St Charlemont St Québec to Southbridge Québec to North Battleford Québec to Fort Erie Québec to Paspébiac Québec to Bowie Québec to King Québec to University of Toronto Québec to 88 Park Lawn Rd Québec to Wood Islands PEI Québec to Kingsway Vancouver Aten to Cincinnati Buffalo to Cincinnati Middletown NJ USA to Cincinnati Barbizon to Cincinnati Fayetteville Airport XNA USA to Cincinnati Albuquerque Airport ABQ USA to Cincinnati Boynton Beach to Cincinnati Port St Lucie FL USA to Cincinnati Redlands to Cincinnati Lake Charles to Cincinnati Mount Shasta to Cincinnati Brenham to Cincinnati Tadoussac to Cincinnati Greensboro High Point to Cincinnati Little Rock to Cincinnati Canfield to Cincinnati Corbin to Cincinnati Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott South Boston to Cincinnati Frankfort KY USA to Cincinnati Greenway Court to Cincinnati Harrisville to Cincinnati Harvey to Cincinnati Silverstreet to Cincinnati Stockwell to Cincinnati Universal to Cincinnati Church Road to Cincinnati Lillington to Cincinnati Mobile Airport MOB USA to Cincinnati Middlebury College to Cincinnati 6th Medical Group MacDill AFB to Cincinnati