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From Kristiansand Car ferry to Hirtshals st, train to Hjoerring st, then train to Odense st. 8hrs 03min 80 €. From Kristiansand Car ferry to Hirtshals st, train to Hjørring Busterminal, line 71 bus to Aalborg st, train to Aarhus, then train to Odense st. 9hrs 04min 78 €. From Kristiansand drive to Odense. 6hrs 44min 100 €. From First Hotel Airport Bus to Kristiansand airport, fly to Copenhagen airport, then train to Odense. 5hrs 45min 150 €. From First Hotel Airport Bus to Kristiansand airport, fly to Billund airport, line 44 bus to Esbjerg st, then train to Odense. 9hrs 15min 188 €.

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